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Geschreven door: Jan Raedschelders

A written description hardly offers a better overview of a blog page, mailing, login screen or contact form. That is why I invented the webdesign sketchbook, which enables you to make quick sketches of these kinds of pages or even complete wireframes. This blog post briefly introduces the sketch book and allows you to buy your own copy.

Two weeks ago, we (Inventis) wrote a blogpost about this sketch pad. The post itself allows you to quickly download screens of the pad. Smashing Magazine caught attention of what we were doing, and the number of extra visitors (7000) rose rapidly. Numerous mails asking how to purchase it, found their way to our mailbox. We were definitely not expecting this, so we decided to have a limited amount printed

By means of this blogpost, we will offer the possibility to purchase a webdesign sketchbook. It contains no unnecessary data, so it can easily be used for your own projects, customers etc... Nevertheless, if you are interested in your own personalized pad (different cover, extra pages, ...), you can still contact me to discuss the possibilities. We managed to buy the pads at a fairly low rate, because of the large amount we ordered. Doing so, we are able to sell the sketch book for merely € 10. (This price excludes taxes and shipping)

The sketch pad consist of the following 3 parts

20 overview pages

Pages containing 9 browser windows that can be used to make small drawings or overviews of larger sketches. Each page also has a small space for notes.

15 mailing pages

Sketching a mailing can also prove very useful, that is why we have provided a limited number of mailing pages. On this page, you can find a browser window in the size of the mailing on a grid system. These pages also have some space for notes.

50 browser pages

Most of the pages in the sketch pad are general browser pages. These have the exact size of a screen with a 1024 x 768 resolution. In my opinion, these pages are the perfect solution if you need to sketch any particular kind of application. These pages have space for notes too.

How to buy?

If you are interested in ordering a copy, simply send an e-mail with all your relevant data and the number of sketch pads to Every copy is sold at €10 a piece (excl. VAT). Payment is possible via wire transfer, Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.

Shipping costs

  • Belgium: € 3
  • Europe: € 7
  • Rest of world: € 10

5 Reacties op deze blogpost:

Door Weblounge op 21 februari 2009

Collega's, geweldig origineel initiatief en idee. Wou jullie dit even laten weten. See ya.

Ineke Bauwens
Door Ineke Bauwens op 06 maart 2009

Schitterend idee.
Ik schrijf alles ook op losse bladeren en dan uiteindelijk paar weken later jaaa, waar ligt dat papier :).

Door Dragolin op 23 december 2009

leuk initiatief, eerst eens conceptueel nadenken over de draft is echt wel belangrijk :)

Door BeeTronics op 10 mei 2011

Mooi idee, erg handig. Nu zitten we vaak sketches te maken op 1 pc, dan is dit toch even makkelijker voor ruwe sketches.

Door Eric op 09 maart 2012

Hoever staan we?

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